Q + A

Do I need an appointment?
           - Nope! Walk in any time during our regular business hours to enjoy a craft! The only thing you would need a reservation for would be if you wanted to rent out one of our private event rooms


What is the turn around time for pottery?

           - It typically takes us about 1.5 weeks to get your pottery clear glazed and fired in the kiln. We always send a text message when it is ready for pickup

How does it work?

         - We are a walk in crafting studio. Come in any time we are open and pick a craft, bring it up to our register and we will walk you through how to complete your craft! If you are doing a piece of pottery, you will have to leave it with us to get glazed and fired in our kiln!

How old do you need to be to craft? 

            - We welcome crafters of all ages and abilities. If you - as the guardian - are comfortable bringing and supervising your child, then we have no problem with them being here! 

How much does it cost?

.            - Each of our crafts have a different price. You can see our full inventory and prices under our SHOP tab located in our menu above. The price of your craft is all inclusive and includes your sitting fees, paints, glazes, kiln firing, and all other supplies needed to complete your craft. No hidden fees or added costs! A list of our full inventory and pricing can be found under the "Shop" Drop menu. 

How do I book an event / Party?

               - Our event room is available to be rented by the hour for private parties and events. If you choose to do any crafts while using our space, that would be an additional cost. You are free to use the space how you need to as long as your are being respectful. We have staff available to help guide you, but we try to stay hands off for your events and allow you to take charge and make it what you would like. 

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